Nitsan Bar-Ilan Law Firm

For your Business

  • We handle all legal aspects of your business. Be it a company, a private business, an association (amuta) or any other type of organization. In handling the legal affairs of businesses, we provide all required day-to-day advice, draft contracts, give legal opinions, provide solutions for the requests of internal accountants and legal counsels, participate in management meetings and provide day-to-day legal advice to the general manager. We also take legal measures against debtors, and represent our clients in court, including the Labor Courts.
  • We also deal with the establishment /dissolution of companies, drafting or changing articles of association, share transfers, shareholder’s loans, holding shares in trust, the foundation of partnerships, drafting partnership agreements, dissolution of partnerships, etc.
  • In addition, we are at your service in issues relating to insolvency, including taking legal measures against businesses/individuals who owe debts to your business. We will act effectively and decisively in order to maximize collection through execution and bankruptcy/liquidation proceedings.
  • We will learn about your business’s activity, to enable us to give you financial and legal added values, implementing our cumulative experience in handling your legal affairs and diverse businesses.