Nitsan Bar-Ilan Law Firm

Torts and insurance

We represent some of the largest leading insurance companies in Israel. Our firm also provide comprehensive legal services in the field of torts to companies and individuals, in the following areas:

  • Insurance claims
  • Bodily injury claims
  • Property damage claims
  • Negligence claims
  • Compensation for victims of road accidents claims
  • Claims against the National Insurance Institute and representation before medical boards

What is insurance

Insurance is a contract between an insurer and an insured person, which obligated the insurer in consideration of premiums, to pay insurance benefits to the beneficiary, upon the occurrence of an event insured against.

Insurance event

Where bodily injury or property damage occur, which are covered in the insurance policy, and with respect to which the insured and/or the beneficiary are entitled to compensation from or indemnification by the insurer.


A document signed by the insurer, specifying the rights and obligations of the parties.


The insured is also the beneficiary, unless any other beneficiary is designated.


Where an insurance event occurs, by reason of which the insured has a right to compensation or indemnification also against a third person, otherwise than by a contract of insurance, such right passes to the insurer when and to the extent that he has paid insurance benefits to the beneficiary (see section 62 of the Insurance Contract Law, 5741-1981).

Statute of limitations

The period of Statute of limitations of a claim for insurance benefits is three years after the occurrence of the event insured against.

NBI has extensive experience in the field of insurance in general, and in elementary insurance in particular (compulsory insurance, home insurance, automobile insurance), after years of representing large and leading insurance companies, both as plaintiffs and as defendants.

Anyone can find himself being sued by an insurance company for any alleged act or omission, and thus be required to pay considerable amount, if he is not property insured and/or represented.

Such an unfortunate scenario can arise from various reasons, for example: lack of insurance coverage – the insured pays the premiums and believes that he is insured, unfortunately a certain insurance event occurs, and he inquires with the insurance company and is told that he is not covered. How could that happen? Firstly, most people do not bother to read the insurance policy that they had purchased, and secondly, sometimes a certain exception is inserted into the policy, unnoticed by the insured, leaving him without insurance coverage, and the insurance companies are not eager to draw the insured’s attention to that exception out. In such cases the client feels stressed and burdened, and even discriminated against, misled and helpless.

Our firm accepts private clients who are sued by an insurance company and/or wish to sue an insurance company and/or as third parties, in order to try to prevent families from collapsing as a result of being required to pay high amounts in consequence of this type of action, to prevent discrimination and to prevent the mighty from misleading the weak, and ensuring that liability for the damage is imposed upon the true person at fault and not upon the weak and defenseless party. We can certainly help, and know what actions are needed in the most complex cases.