Nitsan Bar-Ilan Law Firm

Personal status

Our firm represents and assists many clients in personal status issues, including in the field of family law:

  • Mediation and agreed upon dispute resolution
  • Cohabitation agreements for common law spouses
  • Divorce and prenuptial agreements
  • Representation in magistrates’ courts, family courts and Rabbinical Courts.
  • Divorce pleas, including all issues tied or originating of it.
  • Protection orders, reconciliation orders.
  • Court orders providing accommodation in the family home.
  • Alimony, maintenance and child support.
  • Liquidation of shared assets.

We are at your service, always attentive and patient, we understand that in such proceedings, a higher degree of emotional involvement is inevitable. In order to give you the representation you need, it requires us to see beyond the emotional aspects of the proceedings, in order to achieve the optimal results for you.