Nitsan Bar-Ilan Law Firm

Our values


  • Relationship with our clients: At MBI we forever cognizant of the fact that people are at the heart of what we do. We keep our focus on the client, providing conscientious and compassionate guidance to those in need of our professional services.
  • We closely monitor legal matters and help our clients understand the equitable and legal remedies available to them.
  • At NBI Law Firm we represent the interests of our clients. We take all necessary steps to protect and defend the rights of our clients.
  • Many law firms work on volume. We work for the individual client, and we are extremely selective in whom we choose to represent.
  • Our litigation team has proven track record of trying cases to a successful conclusion. However, we realize that a courtroom is not always the necessary forum.
  • Our clients place considerable confidence in us and we take great pride in helping them achieve their goals. NBI Law Firm is truly honored to be chosen by our clients and you can be assured that your case will always receive the very best service.

Team Philosophy

  • Our philosophy differs from many other law firms you may see advertised throughout. Unlike other firms, we do not strive to maintain a "high volume" practice. Instead, we pursue each individual case with an unwavering commitment to our client's success.
  • We do not measure our success by the sheer number of cases settled or won at trail; rather, we measure our success through the eyes of our clients, knowing that superior legal representation can make a significant difference in our client's lives.
  • Whichever way is chosen in handling the case, we are always guided by the truth emerging from the testimonies and by professional opinions of experts.
  • Critical thinking, clear direction, and decisive results..
  • We hold all our attorneys and our staff to the highest ethical standards. We recognize the importance of protecting and living up to our reputation of outstanding legal service and unquestioned integrity - it is one of our most valued assets.
  • By choice, NBI remained as a small sized firm in order to maintain close personal relationships with our clients.
  • We are always available, throughout the entire litigation process.
  • When things seem overwhelming we are here to make you feel at ease, and when you have any questions we are here to answer them.

The firm’s legal approach - Hard line Professionalism

  • We will never talk about something we do not know and have not checked. We believe that talking about any issue – first step should be to learn it, check it, and make sure you understand it.
  • A professional should know about the issues he deals with, and as such, a professional only deals with the issues he knows about.
  • Our agility is a major asset when working to resolve cases or to obtain and enforce judgments and recover debts on your behalf.
  • Our size enables us to be flexible and nimble, and to respond to the immediate and varying needs of each client without compromising the high quality of our services.
  • The sages of the Mishna and of the Talmud said “Silence is the mark of wisdom”. From our point of view, this does not mean that a wise person should be silent, but that he must only speak, do, become involved with, write about and deal with what he made the utmost effort to know and understand. If we do not know enough about an issue, if we have no wisdom on it, we remain silent.
  • NBI Law Firm is committed to ensuring the best results for our client's through zealous representation and dedication. We take a personal approach to your representation; therefore we are always available throughout the entire litigation process.
  • We offer uncompromising professional legal assistance, with complete transparency, giving personal and patient attention to each client. We carefully examine all the cases we are about to take on, and devote, to each case, all the time required in order to attain the optimal result for our client, while ensuring that our legal fees remain fair.

Our standard of legal work

  • When we prepare a contract, we construct it in such a manner that it implements our accumulated legal experience, so that it would prevent, to the widest extent possible, any future litigation regarding its interpretation or the intentions of the parties.
  • A good transaction or a good contract is such, that in preparing it, every effort has been made to avoid future litigation.

Legal fees

  • Our firm is deeply concerned about the legal profession's image, and it is our belief that this image problem stems from clients receiving outrageous legal bills for work on relatively simple matters that should have been resolved in an expedited manner.
  • We understand that our clients cannot afford to have legal issues take over their lives both emotionally and financially. Therefore, our firm seeks sensible settlement options at the onset of a case in an effort to prevent clients from experiencing the personal and economic hardships that are typically associated with a law suit.
  • We can be flexible and adjust the expense to the client's financial capacity. We offer different billing methods to different clients – hourly, percentage or success based fees.
  • Our message to our clients – we understand your needs and we will try to accommodate you. Although we do not purport to be the cheapest, our professional services will be the best.