Nitsan Bar-Ilan Law Firm

Characteristics of the Firm

  • We give our clients real and accurate presentation of the legal situation, after an objective examination of all the information, the testimonies and the facts, including the chances and risks involved in the case.
  • We hold consultations among our extensive legal team, where there are differences of opinion in regarding a complex issue or it may be a complex issue in dispute. This process allows us to determine the lines of argument, the examination of possible legal precedents and an assessment of the human factors involved in the legal process.
  • We give personal attention to the client – that is who we are. Each client receives personal service. We are not a legal assembly line, we don't have cases ‘lays around in the office’ and none of our cases are neglected.
  • The firm’s primary and ultimate consideration is always the relevant legal situation. We can read people, judges, and opposing counsel, and know that human nuances also influence the legal process. We always consider the human factor, but the decisive factor, always primarily taken into account, is the legal issue.
  • We bring cases to their conclusion as quickly and with as much finality as possible but, if need be, we go to battle firmly and unwaveringly, in order to succeed in the decisive evidence hearings. When appearing in court, our attorneys represent the firm and they will always be well-prepared, decisive and incisive.
  • In handling a case, the firm's skilled attorneys makes sure that it is brought to its absolute conclusion – even after the end of the court proceedings, and after a judgment in favor of the client is obtained. Our firm will deal with all loose ends, forms, supplementary legal activities, such as instituting execution proceedings, if needed, and any other service required in order for the judicial decision to lead to the practical implementation of what is required by our client, in accordance with the ruling. The firm regularly deals with all the financial and legal institutions required for this purpose, and it has an overview of all the aspects of the case and the interests of the client.
  • Our continually developing reputation leads to word-to-mouth recommendations and references by clients who receive excellent service and recommend us to their friends and colleagues. The firm operates in a thorough and reliable manner, assisted by external experts when needed. We prefer to say ‘we don’t know’ and seek the advice of a professional with specific expertise, rather than provide mediocre legal service.
  • We keep our fingers on the ‘legal pulse’ of Israel – always staying current on and implement, on a daily basis, the latest legal developments, regulations, legislation, precedents, judgments and academic and legal literature.
  • Maintaining unity between the goals of our client and the actions we are taking to help achieve them. We are on the same side and need to work in absolute cooperation, in order to achieve the common goal. The firm accepts clients only after we conclude that the claims are justified. The firm will not accept a client if the case is unconvincing, in terms of its legal grounds. Once the firm takes on a client, it identifies the event in which the case deals, and with the situation the client is in. This is the only way we are able to present the Court the reality as the client sees it, while relying on legal principles.
  • The firm’s objective is to guide the client through the various paths of the legal system in a smooth, coherent and informative manner – each client according to his understanding and the wished level of involvement. Our policy is to provide the private and commercial clients full and comprehensive service, tying together and covering, by means of the legal process, all aspects of the case, so that the client is able to obtain all the legal solutions he needs in one single, reliable place.
  • The firm handles big and complex cases, private and commercial, in cooperation with attorneys, accountants, capital owners and trust firms. The firm’s attorneys specialize in the key business-financial areas, and the client’s affairs will always be handled by lawyers, not by interns.
  • We believe that by giving thorough advice, in advance, to our commercial clients - they could avoid future litigation altogether –  thus giving them a legal advantage. When it comes to commercial issues, litigation should be as a last resort, and when certain circumstances arise and we find the need to involve the Court – it should be done at the right time, using the right arguments, and when this is the appropriate course of action. When the firm constructs and drafts a contract, it constructs it in such a manner that all our combined experience in dealing with the Courts finds expression in the language, precluding, to the widest extent possible, the need to apply or be dragged through the courts in the future. A strong contract is one that balances the financial interests of the parties creating a ‘balance of terror’ between both parties, preventing them from challenging its existence in Court.
  • We are a firm with experience and innovation in a variety of legal services provided to the banking, high-tech, construction, industry and business sectors, including handling matters concerning the Chief Scientist, drafting agreements in English when dealing with large overseas law firms, legal management of liquidations and receivership proceedings, copyright protection, and handling labor law issues. The firm is characterized by an innovative approach, boldness, extensive knowledge, and level-headed creativity. This is the firm’s added value, in all the core and peripheral issues involved in the legal process.
  • The firm works with olim, supports and has an active role in the “Nefesh b’Nefesh organization. The concept of trust is prevalent and well-rooted in common law countries, and immigration from these countries has contributed to the development of this institution in Israel, one which requires skilled and suitable legal attention.