Nitsan Bar-Ilan Law Firm

Banking, Finance and Credit

We offer ongoing high quality representation in all fields of finance, banking and credit, to companies, small business and private clients. We have the tools to assist you in taking significant business decisions. We are there for our clients until we attain the optimal result in minimal time, always ensuring thoroughness and professionalism.

The following are some of the services provided by our firm in the field of banking, finance and credit:

  • Advice and representation in matters concerning credit and financing.
  • Negligence actions against banks and financial institutions.
  • Defense against actions instituted by banks and financial institutions, including objections in asset realization processes.
  • Negligence actions for erroneous advice on securities and shares.
  • Realization of sureties and collection of promissory notes.
  • Assistance the area of mortgages and charges, including the drafting of agreements and registration of sureties.
  • Drafting financial agreements and contracts for companies and individuals.
  • Representation and assistance in creditors’ arrangements processes, including assistance with bankruptcy /winding up processes.
  • Legal opinions on various banking issues.